Tips for Creating a Dental Office That Soothes

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Medical patients can be naturally nervous under any circumstances. Those entering a dentist’s office are not immune to anxiety any more than those appearing in the waiting room of any other practice. As a concerned professional, you can overcome patient fears by creating a soothing and warm dental office, particularly in its exam rooms. Scrape away your patients’ concerns by constructing rooms that invite them to recline in peace and relaxation.

Keep Tools in Good Repair

Some of the more unnerving sound frequencies patients experience are those coming from your powered dental tools. Yet, nothing is worse than when a drill or other implement grinds or shrieks because it is not working properly; a good one will sound precise and clean. Keep your handpieces in good repair, such as performing high speed dental handpiece cartridge replacement as part of your routine maintenance.

Muffle Sounds

Noise can be a problem when it travels from room to room, intruding on the sanctity of your individual exam space. The soft murmuring of office operations is usually not a problem. But your patient can become distressed hearing dental machinery and patient voices in the next chair. Sound traps installed strategically in corners and on ceilings will catch sound before it leaves a particular room. At the same time, these modifications will warm over the sharp edges of any sounds in the room itself.

Reconsider Lighting

You can think of a room’s lighting in the same way you do its sound. Just as you want to catch or muffle sounds, look for ways to create diffuse light so it does not hit patients in an unsettling direct glare. By varying and softening your light sources, you can project a feeling of calming nature. Avoid harsh fluorescent lights above all else.

Creating a comfortable space for your patients is good for them and for your practice. Most importantly, your actions will help your patients feel a sense of peace so that they leave your office with smiles on their faces.