Adding Power to Your Dock Pedestal

The Importance Of Pedestals

If you are the owner of a marina or dock services business a dock pedestal that is powered can be essential to your company’s success. What a powered dock pedestal does is that it creates a safe and professional environment they can possibly give your company a leg up on the competition. 

The dock power pedestal gives your business a professional and quality looking atmosphere so when customers are looking for places to dock their boats your business will stand out above the rest. 

The dock power pedestal really gives your business a chance to grow and increase revenues. The reason revenues will be increased is because once you draw in the customers by having the proper dock equipment now you have the opportunity the upsell them other goods. 

The dock powered pedestal is also a safe way for the customers to provide power to their boats without having the risk of accidental shock. Having a safe environment so the customer can charge their boat is essential because it puts the customer at ease knowing that their safety is taken care of and it also reduces the business owner’s insurance rates.

What Maintenance Is Needed For Dock Power Pedestal

The boat owners who own a power dock pedestal has made their life easier when it comes to fishing and sailing. On the downside when the pedestal malfunctions or stops working it can be a hassle. 

So it is very important for individuals to perform routine inspections or commission, someone, to perform the routine inspections so you can make sure that your pedestal is always functioning properly. Maintenance and inspections should be performed on the electrical system or marina power pedestals at least once a year to make sure everything is functioning properly. 

This is not to be done by the customer this is to be done by the mariner owner and this maintenance is of extreme importance because if it is not done it can cause the owner of the marina to lose business. 

If your customers do not feel safe they may feel the need to switch marinas. If you performed the inspection or maintenance doing the less busy season then you can find the issue and fix it. If you wait and find the issue during your busy season it can be challenging trying to replace a breaker or receptacle.

Some Inspection Tips 

When performing a pedestal inspection there are certain things that the owner of the marina should look for and here are a few tips they can assist you in performing the proper pedestal inspection. You should always remember to check the electrical system and the key thing that  should be checked is the grounding integrity and the polarity. 

The next thing that should be checked is the wire connectors make sure there is no corrosion or rust present on the wires. You also want to check the receptacles and make sure they do not have any corrosion or rust and they … Read More..