2 Keys To Keeping Your Concealed Carry Concealed

5 Tips for Safe Concealed Carry – Vigilant Firearms Training, LLC

There can be many reasons women choose not to open carry their sidearms. Whether you feel open carry bears a stigma of over-the-top gun owners, you want to avoid having a target on your back or for security reasons, concealed carry is the more subtle approach. However, if you want to make sure that your concealed weapon isn’t making you stand out, remember these two keys.

Dress for the Weather

Investing in clothing that allows you to carry naturally is smart but investing in seasonal clothing that allows you to carry naturally is smarter. Look at concealed carry jackets for women for fall and winter but try snug tanks or shorts for spring and summer. While you may not be printing under that hoodie, if it’s 90 degrees outside, you will stand out and at least a few people will feel that something is off. If you feel like you cannot adequately conceal your weapon without heavy clothing, try different positions for your weapon.

Avoid Fidgeting

Fidgeting is any motion that gives away your concealed weapon even when your clothing doesn’t. When you’re new to concealed carrying it can be difficult not to want to check the position of your firearm, but constantly touching it through your clothing is a dead giveaway of its location and, for many people, exactly what it is. Once you’ve trained yourself to keep your hands positioned naturally, make sure your gaze does the same. Don’t keep looking down at your weapon or checking its location in the mirror unless you want everyone around you to know it’s there. Learning to conceal carry is a skill like any other. You may feel awkward and unnatural at first but with the proper clothing and practice, you’re well on your way to making your sidearm a true extension of your body, anytime, anywhere.… Read More..