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How to fix unknown error – Security Software (Win XP)

Security software can cause unwanted conflictswith iTunes on a windows pc security software does not always recogniseitunes as a friendly application, and may block it from restoring or updating this article explains how to disable securitysoftware, even if you don't know what you have on your computer. The first step is to click on the …

How to fix unknown error – Security Software (Win 7)

Security software can cause unwanted conflictswith iTunes on a windows pc.

security software does not always recogniseitunes as a friendly application, and may block it from restoring or updating.

this video explains how to disable securitysoftware, even if you do not know what you have on your computer.

the first thing to do is click on the startmenu and in the search box at the bottom type in msconfig.

once the window comes up, we want to go toselective startup, and un-tick load startup items.

we'll then go across to the servicestab, hide all microsoft services, and then disable all.

we'll go across to the startuptab.

and we want to look for anything that represents itunes or apple and enable those.

once your done you can click apply and thenok.

and it should prompt you then to restart the computer.

now that the computer is restarted, we'regoing to go back down to the start menu and type in msconfig one more time.

once the windowcomes up we'll go across to the startup tab.

and we're going to look for anything thatwas unticked previously and has now re-ticked itself.

in my example it is kaspersky anti-virus once we've identified what we need to getrid of we'll go to the control panel.

It's probably simpler if you change the view fromsmall icons in the top right corner to category view, that way we can go down to uninstalla program and once a list of programs loads we'll findthe security software that had re-ticked itself as we just saw.

in my example that was kasperskyanti virus once we uninstall this software, you'll befree to use itunes without any risk of the security software blocking that connection simply follow the prompts provided to uninstallthe software and if you have any questions or queries regarding how to do that, referto the software's website.

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CrowdStrike Partners with Coverity to Ensure Software Security

Hi, my name is George Kurtz, Chief ExecutiveOfficer at CrowdStrike and one of the co-founders.

Formerly, I spent about seven years at McAfee,most recently as their Chief Technology Officer and before that I was the Chief ExecutiveOfficer at a company called, Foundstone, which I founded and I am one of the co-authors ofHacking Exposed.

So the security landscape has dramaticallychanged of the last ten years.

Where system administrators and companies used to havea very easy to manage website, maybe a simple database those times have changed dramatically.

Now we have a lot more complexity with cloud environments, we have complexity with dataand understanding where that data is at and ultimately the bad guys have gotten smarter.

And because they have gotten smarter and because their techniques have evolved dramaticallyfrom exploiting simple buffer overflows to a range of new techniques that are very hardto defend against, it's really imperative for organizations to start at the foundationallevel and understand if their code is actually secure before they deploy it.

As you might imagine, security is absolutely critical because CrowdStrike is in the securitybusiness.

We know that our software is going to be attacked and for us it was absolutelycritical to build security in from the ground up.

We needed to insure that we were releasingthe highest quality code without any security vulnerabilities, to insure our customer safetyand that is really one of the primary reasons why we decided to partner with Coverity sincethe beginning of the formation of the company.

One of our goals at CrowdStrike is to helpour customers identify and prevent damage from targeted attacks.

What we have seen attackersdo over the years is really run the same plays.

They'll spearfish, they'll exploit a commonvulnerability, they'll get into a system and they'll exfiltrate data.

And that entry pointinto the system almost all the time is based upon the exploitation of a vulnerability.

That vulnerability could have been caught a lot earlier in the development process ifcompanies embraced a technology like Coverity.

What was critical for CrowdStrike is to makesure we didn't disrupt our development process which is one of the reasons we chose Coveritybecause we could build it into our CrowdStrike secure development lifecycle.

So our developersnow get actionable information.

Most importantly it's accurate.

They know exactly what to fixand how to fix it and for us, time is money and we can get our code out that much faster.

One of the challenges I have seen over my career is that security auditor are alwaystrying to force feed a security product into the development lifecycle.

And the thing thatI love about Coverity is it actually provides a way to bridge the gap between developmentand security and really focuses the effort on building a product from the ground up thatis secure rather than coming in after the fact, after the requirement s have been made,after the products have been built and doing a static audit.

And what I have seen is thatit is about ten times more expensive to actually fix a security defect after the fact as opposedto when it was actually being built.

At CrowdStrike, I believe we have some ofthe best security engineers and programmers in the world and the last thing they wantto be doing is dealing with is dealing with false positives.

And one of the things thatwas really attractive to us was is a really low false positive rate from Coverity.

Sowe know when we see defect, it's probably going to be real and it's something we needto address immediately.

Which has really been a win-win and one of the reasons our developersactually use the product as opposed to putting it on the shelf.

Over the coming years, the security landscape is going to continue change.

The adversariesare going to get smarter, they are going to become more destructive and really it is incumbentsecurity professionals and developers to solve this really hard problem.

And I often seedevelopers left out the solution.

The reality is, if the developers are empowered with theright technology, they can eliminate security vulnerabilities from the beginning duringthe development phase which ultimately keeps all of our customers more secure.

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How to delete incompatible software with Kaspersky Small Office Security 3

Before you install the Kaspersky SmallOffice Security 3, it is recommended to delete previouslyinstalled Kaspersky Lab products or other anti-virus programs.

If any other anti-virus software remains onyour PC before the installation, it will be found by the setup wizard andremoved automatically.

If the wizard is unable to remove itautomatically it will ask you to remove such software manually How to remove an incompatible program onWindows 8: right click on the blank space on thehome screen click all apps button on the bar thatwill appear in the bottom left corner of the screen in the app's list find the program andright click on it click Remove on the app bar that appearsnext select the program in the programs andfeatures window double click on the name of the program the on installation wizard will start wait until the process is finished.

To remove an incompatible program onWindows Vista, Windows 7, click the start button in the bottomleft corner of the screen select control panel in the menu select programs in the control panelwindow select programs and components in theprogram's window find and select the program that must beremoved in the programs and components window click Yes in the programs and componentswindow.

The computer will start to removeantivirus software, wait until the process is finished.

If you cannot remove the program bymeans of Windows use the corresponding uninstall utilityprogram.

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Best Antivirus 2016 – How to Protect Your PC

What's up? Welcome to MyTechMethods.

Inthis video I'll introduce you to the best antivirus in 2016 so you can keepyour Windows computer safe and secure.

All the links to the products Irecommend and mention in this video will be on the blog post and that will belinked in the description below so check that out.

And all the programs that Imention will be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

What is the best antivirus in 2016? We all know that Windows comes with a free tool calledWindows Defender and that is Microsoft's basic antivirus.

It works ok but it's notthe best so that's why I recommend getting these two other tools that I'mabout to introduce you to.

So my views have not changed since last year.

BitDefender is the best antivirus in myopinion.

They offer good protection and they also offer free edition and paidedition depending on what your situation is.

So if you think you're okwith the free version you can go and try that out.

It offers pretty good protection for a free antivirus and it's one of the best free antiviruses out there.

However ifyou want the best protection and peace of mind of not worrying about havingany viruses then you might as well go with the BitDefender Total Security 2016which is the top of the line package from BitDefender.

It has the most features.

You get the best protection, best performance, it's easy to use, and it willdefinitely save you from any potential headache from your computer gettingbogged down with viruses.

It will keep you safe and optimized.

So BitDefender is myrecommendation for the best antivirus in 2016.

However that's just the antivirus.

You also want an anti-malware program and that's where Malwarebytes comes in.

Malwarebytes will clean and remove protect you from all the other threatsthat Bitdefender or just normal anti viruses don't protect your computer from.

It's definitely one of the best security programs out there right now so it'ssomething I always install on everybody's computer that I work on orfamily members computers.

I always put Malwarebytes on their computer becauseit does a great job of protecting and removing a lot of malware and just likebitdefender they do offer a free version and a premium version and it'svery affordable.

The premium version is like $25 per year so if you want the complete best protection, you want the malicious website blocking, real-timeprotection, hyper scan mode, if you want all those features then go with thepremium version.

But the free version also does a greatjob for basically protecting your computer from spyware, trojans, worms, rootkits,stuff like that.

Here are some things that the premium version of Malwarebytesdoes.

It detects and protects against malware in real time.

It blocks hackingand phishing attempts, schedules automatic scanning, it offers three flexiblescanning modes, and if you're wondering what makes it different, it finds what antivirus doesn't.

It removes what antivirus can't.

It practices self-defense.

It finds rootkits.

It protects you from fake websites and it works fast and leaves a smallfootprint.

So if your computer has an antivirus like BitDefender plus an antimalware like Malwarebytes you should be good.

You should be protected and you shouldn't have to worry about anything.

I also have some other tips for staying safe onlineand you'll find those in the blog post that is linked below so check out the blog post out and you'll see other small tips that I have for you to help you keep safe andsecure online because you definitely don't want to find yourself in a situation where you have a virus.

It's like one of the worst things ever so check out bitdefender,check out Malwarebytes and check out the blog post linked below on my website.

Thank you so much for watching.

I hope this video helps you out.

Make sure you hitthat like button give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel ifyou haven't already.

I will see you in the next video.


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