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How to fix unknown error – Security Software (Win XP)

Security software can cause unwanted conflictswith iTunes on a windows pc security software does not always recogniseitunes as a friendly application, and may block it from restoring or updating this article explains how to disable securitysoftware, even if you don't know what you have on your computer. The first step is to click on the …

How to fix unknown error – Security Software (Win 7)

Security software can cause unwanted conflictswith iTunes on a windows pc.

security software does not always recogniseitunes as a friendly application, and may block it from restoring or updating.

this video explains how to disable securitysoftware, even if you do not know what you have on your computer.

the first thing to do is click on the startmenu and in the search box at the bottom type in msconfig.

once the window comes up, we want to go toselective startup, and un-tick load startup items.

we'll then go across to the servicestab, hide all microsoft services, and then disable all.

we'll go across to the startuptab.

and we want to look for anything that represents itunes or apple and enable those.

once your done you can click apply and thenok.

and it should prompt you then to restart the computer.

now that the computer is restarted, we'regoing to go back down to the start menu and type in msconfig one more time.

once the windowcomes up we'll go across to the startup tab.

and we're going to look for anything thatwas unticked previously and has now re-ticked itself.

in my example it is kaspersky anti-virus once we've identified what we need to getrid of we'll go to the control panel.

It's probably simpler if you change the view fromsmall icons in the top right corner to category view, that way we can go down to uninstalla program and once a list of programs loads we'll findthe security software that had re-ticked itself as we just saw.

in my example that was kasperskyanti virus once we uninstall this software, you'll befree to use itunes without any risk of the security software blocking that connection simply follow the prompts provided to uninstallthe software and if you have any questions or queries regarding how to do that, referto the software's website.

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How to delete incompatible software with Kaspersky Small Office Security 3

Before you install the Kaspersky SmallOffice Security 3, it is recommended to delete previouslyinstalled Kaspersky Lab products or other anti-virus programs.

If any other anti-virus software remains onyour PC before the installation, it will be found by the setup wizard andremoved automatically.

If the wizard is unable to remove itautomatically it will ask you to remove such software manually How to remove an incompatible program onWindows 8: right click on the blank space on thehome screen click all apps button on the bar thatwill appear in the bottom left corner of the screen in the app's list find the program andright click on it click Remove on the app bar that appearsnext select the program in the programs andfeatures window double click on the name of the program the on installation wizard will start wait until the process is finished.

To remove an incompatible program onWindows Vista, Windows 7, click the start button in the bottomleft corner of the screen select control panel in the menu select programs in the control panelwindow select programs and components in theprogram's window find and select the program that must beremoved in the programs and components window click Yes in the programs and componentswindow.

The computer will start to removeantivirus software, wait until the process is finished.

If you cannot remove the program bymeans of Windows use the corresponding uninstall utilityprogram.

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Best Antivirus 2016 – How to Protect Your PC

What's up? Welcome to MyTechMethods.

Inthis video I'll introduce you to the best antivirus in 2016 so you can keepyour Windows computer safe and secure.

All the links to the products Irecommend and mention in this video will be on the blog post and that will belinked in the description below so check that out.

And all the programs that Imention will be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

What is the best antivirus in 2016? We all know that Windows comes with a free tool calledWindows Defender and that is Microsoft's basic antivirus.

It works ok but it's notthe best so that's why I recommend getting these two other tools that I'mabout to introduce you to.

So my views have not changed since last year.

BitDefender is the best antivirus in myopinion.

They offer good protection and they also offer free edition and paidedition depending on what your situation is.

So if you think you're okwith the free version you can go and try that out.

It offers pretty good protection for a free antivirus and it's one of the best free antiviruses out there.

However ifyou want the best protection and peace of mind of not worrying about havingany viruses then you might as well go with the BitDefender Total Security 2016which is the top of the line package from BitDefender.

It has the most features.

You get the best protection, best performance, it's easy to use, and it willdefinitely save you from any potential headache from your computer gettingbogged down with viruses.

It will keep you safe and optimized.

So BitDefender is myrecommendation for the best antivirus in 2016.

However that's just the antivirus.

You also want an anti-malware program and that's where Malwarebytes comes in.

Malwarebytes will clean and remove protect you from all the other threatsthat Bitdefender or just normal anti viruses don't protect your computer from.

It's definitely one of the best security programs out there right now so it'ssomething I always install on everybody's computer that I work on orfamily members computers.

I always put Malwarebytes on their computer becauseit does a great job of protecting and removing a lot of malware and just likebitdefender they do offer a free version and a premium version and it'svery affordable.

The premium version is like $25 per year so if you want the complete best protection, you want the malicious website blocking, real-timeprotection, hyper scan mode, if you want all those features then go with thepremium version.

But the free version also does a greatjob for basically protecting your computer from spyware, trojans, worms, rootkits,stuff like that.

Here are some things that the premium version of Malwarebytesdoes.

It detects and protects against malware in real time.

It blocks hackingand phishing attempts, schedules automatic scanning, it offers three flexiblescanning modes, and if you're wondering what makes it different, it finds what antivirus doesn't.

It removes what antivirus can't.

It practices self-defense.

It finds rootkits.

It protects you from fake websites and it works fast and leaves a smallfootprint.

So if your computer has an antivirus like BitDefender plus an antimalware like Malwarebytes you should be good.

You should be protected and you shouldn't have to worry about anything.

I also have some other tips for staying safe onlineand you'll find those in the blog post that is linked below so check out the blog post out and you'll see other small tips that I have for you to help you keep safe andsecure online because you definitely don't want to find yourself in a situation where you have a virus.

It's like one of the worst things ever so check out bitdefender,check out Malwarebytes and check out the blog post linked below on my website.

Thank you so much for watching.

I hope this video helps you out.

Make sure you hitthat like button give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel ifyou haven't already.

I will see you in the next video.


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Home Security Camera System Surveillance Setup: How to Best DIY IP Installation Placement HD CCTV 16

To Learn How to Setup your own Home SecuritySystem you first have to establish your main goals.

In my opinion the main goal shouldbe to GET THE LICENSE PLATE number of any intruder with a time stamp, and have it uploadto a cloud, without a monthly bill for monitoring.

In my opinion facial recognition is only secondto getting the license plate.

When my home was robbed the female thief wore a hat toavoid facial recognition.

So getting a license plate number is my main goal.

Since there are 100's of factors into selectinga home security camera system I will only go over why I selected what I selected.

Let's Start with Placement The Best place I found to get a license platenumber of a car in my driveway or in the street was right around where my driveway porch lightwas.

This only works with a strong security camera.

Therefore I had to find a camera anda porch light that I fit to each other that looked discrete and not too ghetto.

I willlink to the Porch light and the camera I bought in the description below.

Surveillance Camera Setup Selection The biggest factors in selecting an outdoorcamera is that it is strong enough to pick up the license number.

Once again I can'tstress that enough.

I chose a camera that is varifocal in other words it doesn't havea fixed size or zoom.

This is because you'll have to adjust the lens size so it is closeenough to pick up detailed license plate number yet zoomed out enough to pick up the entirelandscape or enough landscape.

Note: Zooming in on a computer is blurry and doesnt gainmore detail.

Alone, it will not pick up the license like they do in the movies.

You needa manual Zoom on the IP Camera.

The Second biggest factor is the Megapixels of the camera.

This is also important but not as important as the lens size.

The higher this number ofmegapixels the less you have to be zoomed in to read a license plate number and stillget a lot of the landscape.

Other important features I like are IP camera's,which mean they plug directly into your computers network.

This isn't too complicated to dothese days and it enables me store all the video on a cloud instead of a dvr, or a harddrive, or an NVR, which can easily be stolen by an intruder.

If you cant run ethernet wires another importantfeature will be a wireless camera.

But be aware that wireless cameras are very glitchy,and bog down your wifi, and are way more expensive.

So if you can running ethernet cables is betterthan having a wireless camera.

Lastly make sure it is an outdoor camera ifyou don't want it to die the first time it rains.

That's why I chose the camera I have linkedto in the icon in this video and in the description below.

And It is the most affordable one ofits kind as well.

You will also need to purchase this cheappower adapter for this camera to work.

Camera Installation.

To connect the camera to the light I drilledholes in the porch light frame and connected the light and camera with zip ties.

Then Iran the wires through the back of the light.

Because I cut an insert in the top of thelight for the camera wires.

Then drilled a hole in the wall and ran the wires to my ethernetso I can control the camera through my computer network.

Software Selection.

I will link to my ideal software selectionin the description below.

This software is great for 6 reasons.


It works withmost IP Cameras and you can always add new cameras that suit your needs.

Two, it recordswith motion detection and does it really well.

Three, they make set up straitforward whichis could be complicated.

Four, It includes a times stamp that makes it useable in a courtof law.

Five, very importantly it stores "immediately" to cloud if you uncheck this box here.

Six,it has a great phone app so you can view your cameras anywhere you get internet.

It is a one time purchase for the Desktopand another for the Phone app.

If you buy it from my link I listed below they will emailthe activation code and you can wait for the product in the mail or you can download theprogram right away as well.

Storage: Cloud storage is the best way in my opinionbecause all footage cannot be physically stolen like I said before from external hard drivesand computers.

You can see here it takes about a minute for my software to pick up the footageand store it to my cloud with a check.

So should a thief steal my computer or cameraI still have the information stored on my cloud drive.

If it didn't like most othersystems the whole system would be worth nothing.

Any free cloud drive app should work justfine.

I like Amazon because it has unlimited storage with a cheap yearly fee.

Its worthit since I back up all my devices to the cloud including camera footage.

However Amazon doesnot upload immediately on its own.

To do this you will have to download O-drive which isa free auto upload application for amazon cloud.

Set the storage folders within thesoftware to the new o drive folder and o-drive will remain as the free version.

I will linkto Amazon Cloud, and O-drive in the description below but I might change them in the futureif better products come out.

Logging in to your Router For some this all may be a little daunting.

I promise it isn't.

I had no idea what I was doing when I started.

The hardest part forpeople that aren't techy will probably be logging in to your router.

You can log in to your router by obtainingits default ip address, username, and password in the information that came with it or bygoogle searching its defaults if you haven't changed them.

Note: This is different thanyour wifi password.

Now what you do is plug the IP address in to your browser.

Next givethe Username and password.

From ther you just need to find the IP addresses of your connecteddevices.

This is where your ip camera's will show up when they are connected.

It mightalso be helpful to know where your ports are if you plan to view your cameras on a handhelddevices as well.

Making It All Come Together.

Your house has a main IP address.

Your router,each computer, each device, and each camera all have different IP addresses and passwordswithin and below that home IP address.

Write each down and the rest of the process willbe fairly straightforward.

Also note that the router has different ports.

Ports arewhere your IP addresses exchange information.

Write your ports down as well.

Sometimes youneed to assign the ports called Port Forwarding.

You can assign a port for the the softwareto be shared on your devices in your router's port forwarding section.

Finally you takeall the IP addresses, passwords, and ports and plug them in to the software and the phoneapp and everything becomes alive & you're connected and you are in control of your cameras.

If this seems like a lot, remember: most peoplehave useless security systems and cameras like I did.

In my opinion you are going tohave one that actually works and you won't pay their high monthly fee's.

Learn from mymistakes.

You might have a few challenges but all the information is out there to helpyou get through it.

I have a link to a list of all products you will need for this projecttin the icons in this video & in the description.

I'm also here if you need help so leave thosecomments in the section below.

Think of the savings, catching thieves, and an added senseof security in your life.

Now like and Subscribe!.

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