Paying the Ransom Demanded Won’t Get Rid of the Issue

Ransomware is becoming more prevalent as many cyber criminals have figured out they can make quite a bit of money this way. However, when a person does discover ransomware on their computer, they do not need to pay the ransom to have access to their files again. In fact, it’s often not a good idea for victims to pay the ransom, as this isn’t going to be a solution to their issue.

When the person receives a message that their files have been locked and they will need to pay a ransom to recover the files, they will want to contact an expert for help. Paying the ransom is not a guarantee they’ll be able to access the files again. In many cases, they will never receive a key to decrypt the files and, instead, will receive another ransom demand that requires them to pay more money. This can cycle over and over, with the victim never receiving the key to access their files.

Even if they do pay once and receive the key to decrypt their files, it doesn’t mean the ransomware is gone. In fact, unless they take steps to remove it from the computer, it is still going to be on the computer, and they might have the same thing happen again. This will mean their files are encrypted again and the ransomware will demand another ransom, likely for more than the previous attempt, to access the files.

Along with the issues they will have if they do not completely eliminate the ransomware, it can easily spread to other computers in the home or business. It can also spread to other computers through email, so it can continue to reach out to new victims and harm their computers as well.

A person who has noticed ransomware on their computer should turn off the internet connection to the computer and contact a professional right away. This will enable them to get the help they need to eliminate the ransomware without having to pay the ransom so they can be assured it is gone and cannot lock their files again. To learn more, visit now.